3 changes that should happen in Kabaddi in the coming decade

Posted by Khel Naya | 09/01/2020.


The time of (2010-2019) was brilliant for the game of Kabaddi, where the dirt based antiquated game that was restricted in the history books rose as India’s second-most revered game today.

Numerous countries have embraced the game with sheer energy, as the enthusiasm of viewing Kabaddi among fans has peached quite a long time after year.

The Pro Kabaddi League has additionally helped a lot of capable competitors to grandstand their aptitudes and become famous.

A great deal of Kabaddi players who didn’t get any acknowledgment toward the beginning of the decade has gotten immense reverence and regard from the games sweethearts today.

On such note, how about we investigate three things that ought to occur in Kabaddi in the following decade (2020-2029).

The resurgence of women’s Kabaddi

In spite of the fact that the women have developed consistently into the game of Kabaddi, it hasn’t got a great deal of consideration from the fans in contrast with

Throughout the years, the female viewership in the Pro Kabaddi League has risen subsequentially.

Be that as it may, they have come up short on an inspiration to take up the game and adjust it with eagerness.

The impression of individuals with respect to the women to play the game is yet to observe an improvement.

The Women’s Kabaddi Challenge delineated a diagram of what could get found in the years to come including the best women’s players the country over.

Be that as it may, it couldn’t get coherence on long terms and halt after its debut season itself.

women kabaddi

More international Kabaddi matches/series

Kabaddi has picked up notoriety among global players and furthermore observed a prominent increment in the viewership among different nations too.

The idea of an establishment based Kabaddi tournament like PKL has roused a ton of countries to lead their groups with telecasters and expected assets to advance gifts from

The Kabaddi Masters tournament held in Dubai in 2018 was a debut venture of facilitating a 6-country Kabaddi arrangement outside of India.

It was the first run through when universal Kabaddi got sorted out in the UAE including India, South Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Argentina, and Kenya.

Communicated by Star Sports, the group was where pre-top picks India crushed Iran 44-26 to win the debut version.

Such groups help a lot of nations resuscitate the game of Kabaddi inside their domain.

Much the same as Cricket, where one country visits the other to play an arrangement, a similar idea in Kabaddi could assist the more youthful age with showing enthusiasm

It would likewise help the less-experienced countries to learn and acquire the understanding to inspire sound challenges among all countries.

More international Kabaddi matches/series

Kabaddi in the Olympics

The International Kabaddi Federation (IKF), expressed to have 31 national relationships over the world, is the overseeing assortment of Kabaddi established in 2004.

Being a speedy paced sport with a range of only 40 minutes, Kabaddi has every one of the criteria to include in the Olympics later on.

Maybe an expert Kabaddi alliance where all countries put their sources in shaping groups in their own nations would be required to change over the fantasy into the real world.

On the off chance that legitimate endeavors occur with a well-arranged technique, the day won’t be far when Kabaddi enters the greatest game on the planet – the Olympics.

Kabaddi in the Olympics

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