All about the latest PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 Update.

Posted by Khel Naya | 10/01/2020.


PUBG Mobile has formally declared that the following season will commence beginning today. In an ongoing official statement, it has affirmed that update 0.16.5 will start turning out beginning today without taking the servers disconnected. The update will require about 0.14GB on Android and 0.17GB on iOS. 

The new season is titled ‘Activity Tomorrow’ is set to bring an advanced Cyberpunk motivated Royale Pass. Aside from that, another mode is being added to the game called ‘Domination Mode’ alongside another guide called ‘Town.’ Basically, this mode is somewhat of a sham from Call of Duty where you and your squad need to catch a region by remaining there sufficiently long to accomplish domination. There’s an advancement bar on the top to affirm your rate. There are a sum of three zones denoted A, B and C and are enacted throughout the match. The group catching two regions wins. Additionally, there is no restriction on slaughters and brings forth in this mode. The mode likewise brings Super Weapons Crates, which adds deadly weapons to polish off adversaries. 

The update will likewise bring back the first form of the Warehouse map under Team Deathmatch and will currently be under Arena Training map. Players can get and rehearse any weapons from the beginning as opposed to utilizing their loadout. 

 All about the latest PUBG Mobile 0.16.5 Update.

Different highlights incorporate the expansion of Light Snowmobile, another vehicle only in Vikendi map, which is said to be quicker and moves more effectively than the first Snowmobile. Eminently, it is additionally more effectively harmed. A touch of adjusting has been done where the Groza’s single-shot harm has been brought from 48 down to 45 in Team Arena. There will be an assortment of new changes in the Royale Pass including new multi-choice missions in Team Arena, Payload Mode and more to offer new rewards. With that, the anteroom crucial framework will bolster RP missions gaining it simpler to follow strategic as week after week missions would now be able to be assembled.

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