Next PUBG MOBILE update expected to have grappling hooks, healing rays, protective shields, etc.

Posted by Khel Naya | 13/12/2019.


It has just been a couple of hours since the most recent PUBG MOBILE update, titled version 0.16.0, dropped and there’s now talk about the following update for the game. Revealed by well known PUBG MOBILE tipster Mr.GhostGaming, the following PUBG MOBILE update makes them intrigue stuff available for us. Aside from the standard arrangement of bug fixes, there are three significant augmentations to the game that could make the ongoing interaction all the more fascinating for players. 

Perhaps the greatest expansion to the game will effectively be the grappling hook. Sounds recognizable, isn’t that right? Indeed, the grappling hook has been a piece of Call of Duty Mobile and it’s presently coming to PUBG MOBILE. The video shared by Mr.GhostGaming shows that players will have the option to go around the tremendous maps of PUBG MOBILE quicker with the grappling hooks. Like the grappling hooks from the Assassins Creed games, players will ready to move upon structures by going for the top spot of the structure and going up in a moment. 

Be that as it may, to make the ongoing interaction intriguing, the grappling hook will make some cooldown memories of 20 seconds after which it tends to be utilized by and by. The hook can adhere to structures just as mountain cliffs. There’s likewise a fly supporter that will let you hop from towers or structures, and offer you enough push just before you land to keep you from kicking the bucket in the match. 

PUBG Update | Khel Naya

There is another expansion that can come helpful when you don’t have a lot of havens around. It’s another deployable shield and can save you from shots. The shield is sufficiently large to stow away up to an entire squad of four individuals yet it can just remain sent temporarily. This could come in as a component just for Classic Mode coordinates and will demonstrate support for the individuals who are coming up short on ammunition or hoping to discover cover while encompassed by foes. 

What’s more, since we are discussing squads, PUBG MOBILE will currently let you recuperate your kindred part in a manner that could likewise guarantee your very own security from the adversary. The game will have another recuperating weapon that you can use from some separation to mend you are dispensed with a partner. The recuperate beam will bring the player once more into the game however he/she should search for restorative guides to recover wellbeing. This technique dispenses with the need to go close to the killed colleague for restoring. 

There are additionally a lot of other new highlights as a component of this update thus far, it has just made it to the Chinese beta adaptation of the game. That implies that we can anticipate that this update should arrive at the worldwide stable form of the game by one year from now.

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