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Billiard Golf Croquet Game

The game Croquet Games and its variety Billiard Golf Croquet Game was made by Gregory Russell Gibson from the USA in January 2018. Star golf players who are seniors would now be able to get once again into the bosses as though they were youthful in their prime once more due to not requiring any golf ball yardage as in driving reach for separation. 

This game Billiard Golf Croquet Game is for expert-level personalities of a golfer @ any age. The Billiard Golf Croquet Game is a ground-level surface, 37′ feet wide and 55′ feet long. The Billiard Golf Croquet Game ground level surface uses an extraordinary altered to some degree like a pool table felt materials that have added the equivalent accurate unrivaled billiard pool table ball move impact for the utilization of a similar guideline size billiard pool balls and with a lighter load of the balls. 

Billiard Golf Croquet Game | Khel Naya

Equipment Required: 

Billiard Golf Croquet Game uses 3 changed unique putters club of your decision to play the game for various positions as a result of the guard pool post elastic ring. 

Aqua Cricket

The new game of Aqua Cricket was made by James Cook of England in September 2015. The game is basically cricket played over a pool giving the shifted bob of a park! defenders are allowed to jump over the pool to get the ball with artfulness and cleverness. 

The game is played around a circular pool with a length of around 22yards. The room ought to be encompassed by dividers that the batsmen can score runs off. 

There are six players to a group: 1 bowler, 1 wicket attendant and 4 defenders with a batsman at the far edge to the bowler. There are three stumps 1.5m high and 20cm wide. 

Aqua Cricket | Khel Naya

Equipment Required: 

  • one pool with walls.
  • one normally cricket stump – to be used as the bat
  • 3 x 1.5m stumps
  • 1 x 120mm diameter plastic football

Fantasy Sports

fantasy sport (also known less commonly as rotisserie or roto) is a type of game, often played using the Internet, where participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams of real players of a professional sport. These teams compete based on the statistical performance of those players in actual games. This performance is converted into points that are compiled and totaled according to a roster selected by each fantasy team’s manager. These point systems can be simple enough to be manually calculated by a “league commissioner” who coordinates and manages the overall league, or points can be compiled and calculated using computers tracking actual results of the professional sport. In fantasy sports, team owners draft, trade, and cut (drop) players, analogously to real sports.

Fantasy Sports | Khel Naya

Equipment Required: 

  • A Mobile phone.
  • A Fantasy sports App.

Calcio Wrestling

The new game of Calcio Wrestling was made by Shayne Calvin from Warrenton, MO, the USA in October 2015. “Calcio” signifies “Kick” in Italian. “Calcio Wrestling” is somewhat similar to ordinary wrestling however altogether different. I “Calcio Wrestling” you kick, you likewise do exceptionally solid Takedowns and some submissions. 

In “Calcio Wrestling” you begin on the ground sort of like push up position however with your legs wideout and arms wide out yet not very wide. At that point you shake hands or clench hand knock, at that point when the whistle blows you remain that way and move side to side until 5 moderate seconds are over then you can decide to remain that way and bring them down or kick them or get them into an accommodation, or you can get up and kick or bring them down or get them into an accommodation. 

Calcio Wrestling | Khel Naya

Equipment Required: 

The same equipment normal wrestling uses.


The new game of Agball was made by Brett Scott of the USA in 2015. 

The game comprises of two groups. Each group is comprised of four players: Team Captain, Wildcard, Offender, and Defender. It is played with one 5 inch ball. The point of the game is to outscore the adversary. Focuses are scored by either 1) tossing a ball and striking a rival, or 2) Catching a ball tossed by an adversary. 

The game is played indoor or outside on a court that estimates 60 feet in length by 30 feet wide. At either end of the court is a 12-foot long group commander’s crate that goes from sideline to sideline. The court will have a half-court line at the 30-foot mark. Three feet on the two sides of the half-court line are impartial zone lines. The ball must be a 5-inch inflatable ball. 

Agball | Khel Naya

Equipment Required:

A volleyball-sized indoor or outdoor court. A 5 inch inflated rubber ball.


The new game of 3goals1star was made by Julius Dominic Banda from Lusaka, Zambia in April 2015. 3goals1star was propelled by punishment shootout in football. In this game, members play by tossing and kicking a soccer ball into space on a 3 Meters in width Giant Advertising Ball Device. This Giant Ball pivots at a moderate speed the correct way and interruption for certain minutes before rotating to one side course. Members are combined in 2 (can be both male, both female, or male and female), and score in, when the Giant Ball is still, move to one side and move to one side. 

3goals1star | Khel Naya

Equipment Required: 

A 3-Meters in distance across Giant Advertising Ball Device, uniform for each pair, with an individual number comparing to the quantity of a spot where to kick or toss from, and 10 balls all imprinted on with a number indistinguishable of that specific pair. 

Chhat Pa

The new quick-paced game of Chhat Pa was made by Pranay Nandan and Abhinay from Arrah India in 2014. Chhat Pa is a group activity of 10 players requiring a ton of stamina and abilities. Chhat Pa is a Bhojpuri word that implies on the rooftop, as it was made playing it on the rooftop. It is played on a little field of 6m x 6m. It is enlivened by hockey. The court of this games has a mid-line and two goal-line three feet high and the sidelines are one foot high. By utilizing them a player can bounce back the ball.

Equipment required

A 45 to 50 cm long stick and a cloth ball

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